Feb. 24 Day of Action – Call for Diplomacy

As the Feb. 24 anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine approaches, we have an opportunity to amplify calls for genuine diplomacy to end this terrible war. National Peace Action has joined Defuse Nuclear War to promote a day of action on the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine. Events are planned in BerkeleyChicoLos AngelesSalinasSan Jose.

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The test launch of a Minuteman III missile from Vandenberg Air Force Base on Thursday night underscored the dangerous folly of reckless nuclear posturing at a time of rapidly increasing tensions between the largest nuclear powers. The upcoming Defuse Nuclear War actions nationwide on Feb. 24 are a way to publicly insist that the U.S. government should lead with diplomacy instead of militarism and weaponry. (More about the ICBM test and an online action are here.)