Help Elect Raphael Warnock

From National Peace Action:

Here we are again, facing another election cycle where a Georgia runoff race may determine control of the Senate. Regardless of what happens in Nevada and Arizona, one thing is certain: Herschel Walker is a threat to the peace movement. We need to ensure that Senator Raphael Warnock maintains his lead in the coming December 6th runoff – he will champion peace and sane foreign policy where his opponent absolutely will not. 

Please contribute today to help Senator Warnock keep his seat.

Right now, our organizer Adam H. is standing by to see if he’ll be putting in another month of work in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Thanks to your support, we were able to fly him out and embed him into a team of passionate field organizers and volunteers in the critical DeKalb County office. The wonderful people Adam has been working alongside have been fighting for Warnock. They’ve been fighting for democracy, fair elections, and to make sure every Georgian voice is heard for numerous cycles now. They’ve been fighting against voter suppression and intimidation tactics, fear-mongering, and legislative voter purges and restrictions. They’ve been fighting so hard and, I’ll be really honest here — they’re exhausted. And I know you’re probably exhausted too — tired of emails, calls to action, pushes to mobilize, and appeals for donations. But we’re asking you to step up one last time this cycle to help burnt-out Georgians.

Many of these folks have been making daily calls, hitting the doors for hours after their work shifts, and facing harassment and even assault in order to ensure no Georgian voter gets denied. We don’t want them to do this alone. Adam was fresh blood into the race at a time when GOTV ramps up the most. He’s not burned out from a year of election work, from battles against a legislature looking to silence those who could boot them from power. And he’s ready to get back to work for Senator Warnock. Please make a contribution today so we can get Adam straight to work canvassing in the runoff.

We’ve previously told you about Reverend Raphael Warnock. The former senior pastor of Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church, he views the perils of militarism in many of the same ways as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who once stood in the same pulpit. He believes that we must “resist the demons of militarism that disturb our domestic situation.” Warnock has been and will continue to be an ally on our issues — unlike his opponent who hopes to ramp up military spending and stop all “efforts to negotiate with our enemies.” We need Warnock to win in order to move our agenda forward. Yet, as we saw this week, this race was incredibly close. The runoff is sure to be close, too, which is why Sen. Warnock needs our help to secure a win. Please chip in today to help us get him back to Capitol Hill!

Let’s do our part to ensure Georgians aren’t fighting for this Senate win alone. We’ve provided an organizer to the Warnock campaign for each of his races so far, including the 2020 runoff. We can’t stop now.