Great news!  The Ballot DISCLOSE Act, AB 1416, is now on Governor Newsom’s desk and needs only his signature to become law.

AB 1416 is desperately needed because wealthy special interests spend tens of millions on deceptive ads that mislead voters about who supports and opposes ballot measures — but nonprofits Californians trust rarely have as much funding to let voters know the truth.

The Ballot Disclose Act will level the playing field by adding to the ballot a short list of who really supports and opposes each measure so it’s accessible to ALL voters.

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Due to Big Money’s misleading ads, voters often mistakenly vote against public interest ballot measures supported by organizations they trust — and vote for measures they might reject if they knew who truly opposed them.

This is a major problem in California.  Seventy-nine percent (79%) of likely California voters said it was important to them to know who supports and opposes ballot measures when they vote, but only 21% said they were very confident that they do.

AB 1416, authored by Assembly Member Miguel Santiago working with principal coauthor Senator Henry Stern, and sponsored by the California Clean Money Campaign, addresses this by simply but powerfully adding a short list of supporters and opponents (maximum of 125 characters each list) to each measure on the ballot.  The names come from the ballot arguments in the Voter Guide, the 100+ page booklet that many voters are too busy with work and family to study.

AB 1416 can go a long way toward breaking Big Money’s undemocratic grip on ballot measure contests — but only if the Governor signs it now!

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    I’m writing to ask you to sign AB 1416, the Ballot DISCLOSE Act, a bill crucial to providing transparency to voters about who’s for and against ballot measures…
    That’s why I stand with a broad coalition of organizations asking you to sign AB 1416 to ensure every voter has this vital information when they vote.